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018. || more than you'll ever know: an eames/ariadne fan mix

Apparently, I only make fan mixes for inception_land challenges. XD

TITLE: More Than You'll Ever Know
MUSIC GENRES/THEMES: Mostly alternative, with rock, pop, and even *gasp* country mixed in
NOTES: ...This might be the most random mix ever. My insight of this ship is rather complex. You can read the recent fic I wrote about them for reference, as some of the songs were partly inspired by the relationship I established there. But hopefully someone else will get it!

download all (ZIP file)

001. "when you were young" - the killers [x]
he doesn't look a thing like Jesus // but he talks like a gentleman like you imagined when you were young // can we climb this mountain? i don't know // higher now than ever before // i know we can make it if we take it slow.

002. "on your side" - thriving ivory [x]
so no one told you that a heart could be forever // well, i'm not leaving 'cause we're in this thing together // and i don't know which way will take us home // i'm not ready to go alone // so no one told you where the road leads // 'cause where we're going, no, we won't need anything // and this is not goodbye // i'm always on your side.

003. "time to pretend" - mgmt [x]
i'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars // you man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars ... we've got the vision, now let's have some fun.

004. "unusual you" - britney spears [x]
nothing about you is typical, nothing about you is predictable // you've got me all twisted and confused // it's so you // up til now, i thought i knew love // nothing to lose and it's damaged 'cause patterns will fall as quick as i do.

005. "right and right again" - soho dolls [x]
wake up, you're losing ground // wake up, you're gagged and bound // wake up, we'll turn things 'round // wake up, right and right again // know you can do better if we pull together.

006. "walk this world" - heather nova [x]
and i think i could love you 'cause you know how to be free ... and i like the way you're broken and i'll like you when you're old // and i see you in the garden and i feel you plant the seed // i want you to come, walk this world with me.

007. "pardon me" - he is we [x]
it's like you sit and you watch me // you poke and you taunt me and that's all that you do // and i'm not fighting back, no, not at all // just want to be something, a name you call // the lips you taste just to fall madly in love.

008. "walk like a gentleman" - eye alaska [x]
so many days we were living the dream // i'd let you drive, you'd take the wheel // wondering if all this life's a game ... but you just walk out the door and stand in silence // you know exactly what you want // but you're not sure you can get it right // oh, you never get it right 'cause you're living in someone else's eyes.

009. "twisted" - carrie underwood [x]
baby, you're a wrecking ball, crashing into me // nothing i can do but fall // piece by piece, you broke down every part of me that ever thought i'd never need you, baby // it's twisted, messed up // and the more i think about it // it's crazy, but so what? // i may never understand it // i'm caught up and i'm hanging on // i wanna love you even if it's wrong.
Tags: (fanmix), character: ariadne, character: eames, movie: inception, pairing: eames/ariadne
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