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018. || more than you'll ever know: an eames/ariadne fan mix

Apparently, I only make fan mixes for inception_land challenges. XD

TITLE: More Than You'll Ever Know
MUSIC GENRES/THEMES: Mostly alternative, with rock, pop, and even *gasp* country mixed in
NOTES: ...This might be the most random mix ever. My insight of this ship is rather complex. You can read the recent fic I wrote about them for reference, as some of the songs were partly inspired by the relationship I established there. But hopefully someone else will get it!

download all (ZIP file)

001. "when you were young" - the killers [x]
he doesn't look a thing like Jesus // but he talks like a gentleman like you imagined when you were young // can we climb this mountain? i don't know // higher now than ever before // i know we can make it if we take it slow.

002. "on your side" - thriving ivory [x]
so no one told you that a heart could be forever // well, i'm not leaving 'cause we're in this thing together // and i don't know which way will take us home // i'm not ready to go alone // so no one told you where the road leads // 'cause where we're going, no, we won't need anything // and this is not goodbye // i'm always on your side.

003. "time to pretend" - mgmt [x]
i'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars // you man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars ... we've got the vision, now let's have some fun.

004. "unusual you" - britney spears [x]
nothing about you is typical, nothing about you is predictable // you've got me all twisted and confused // it's so you // up til now, i thought i knew love // nothing to lose and it's damaged 'cause patterns will fall as quick as i do.

005. "right and right again" - soho dolls [x]
wake up, you're losing ground // wake up, you're gagged and bound // wake up, we'll turn things 'round // wake up, right and right again // know you can do better if we pull together.

006. "walk this world" - heather nova [x]
and i think i could love you 'cause you know how to be free ... and i like the way you're broken and i'll like you when you're old // and i see you in the garden and i feel you plant the seed // i want you to come, walk this world with me.

007. "pardon me" - he is we [x]
it's like you sit and you watch me // you poke and you taunt me and that's all that you do // and i'm not fighting back, no, not at all // just want to be something, a name you call // the lips you taste just to fall madly in love.

008. "walk like a gentleman" - eye alaska [x]
so many days we were living the dream // i'd let you drive, you'd take the wheel // wondering if all this life's a game ... but you just walk out the door and stand in silence // you know exactly what you want // but you're not sure you can get it right // oh, you never get it right 'cause you're living in someone else's eyes.

009. "twisted" - carrie underwood [x]
baby, you're a wrecking ball, crashing into me // nothing i can do but fall // piece by piece, you broke down every part of me that ever thought i'd never need you, baby // it's twisted, messed up // and the more i think about it // it's crazy, but so what? // i may never understand it // i'm caught up and i'm hanging on // i wanna love you even if it's wrong.
Tags: (fanmix), character: ariadne, character: eames, movie: inception, pairing: eames/ariadne
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Oh, THANK YOU. Definitely snagging! This is the first Eames/Ariadne fanmix I've seen. We definitely need more of them around. Thanks! :D
Also - Twisted - I was so glad to see that song on this. It defines Ariadne's POV so well.
Ah, they definitely need more love. <3 And I'm glad that you're glad to see "Twisted" on there. I actually almost didn't put it in but when I really thought it through, I was like, 'No, this is perfect for this mix.' You're welcome, and thanks for commenting!
I'm snagging (even though it's not my ship), but that looks really pretty. :)
Your cover art looks also really lovely...
I'm more of an A/A shipper myself, TBH, but I just find E/A so intriguing. XD

Thank you so much! I appreciate the compliments. Enjoy! :)

Deleted comment

Thank you!! Hope you enjoy! <3

It would've been helpful if I put the link in my OP, yeah? Stupid me. XD Sorry about that! Here you go. It's in three parts so I'll post links to all of them.

part one
part two
part three


OMG YOU ARE MY HERO! I loves the AriMes XD
Thank you again! I'm glad you love! <3
OMG!!! i have waited so long for one of these, THANK YOU!!!
You're very welcome! LOVE your icon, BTW! <3


7 years ago

Totally snagging, because I have been searching for mixes of these two and I am very intrigued by the songs. Thank you!
You're welcome, and thank you as well! <3
Ooh. Interesting mix! I'm snagging a few individual tracks I don't have. Thanks for sharing. :)
You're welcome! Thanks for commenting and enjoy! :)
I love the cover and the back - soooo pretty! *__* The songs sound great, too!
Do you have the original pic of Tom Hardy (back cover) somewhere? This is lovely.
Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the mix!

And yup, here's the pic!



7 years ago


7 years ago

Nice song choices. I love your cover art and the pairing is great. :)
Thank you!! <3
I had to dload the individual tracks. "Walk This World" by Heather Nova links to "Right and Right Again." :/ Can't wait to listen, though. :)
Ah, I had no idea! D: So sorry about the mistake, but thank you for catching that. I fixed the link, so it should go to the right song this time. :) Thanks for DLing and enjoy! <3


7 years ago

Oh, be still, my heart. Arthur/Eames is my OTP, but I inexplicably LOVE me some Ari/Eames. <333

Plus, "When You Were Young" is in my top fifteen favorite songs of alllll time. You have no idea how much I love it, or how happy I was to see it here.

Seriously, amazing job!! :D
I am so happy to hear all of this! Thank you so much! "When You Were Young" is one of my all-time faves too! :D

And I love love LOVE your icon, LOL. So hilarious and adorable! <3
Amazing work! The cover art is gorgeous, and the songs you chose fit the Eames/Ariadne relationship so well! I'll definitely be downloading some of these tracks! :)
Aw, thank you so much my dear Elizabeth! :D Enjoy! <3

THANK YOU, KIM!! <3333